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“Traci you are a rock star! Thank you so much for your kind and dead on words! You have a true talent and an obvious passion for what you do. You’ve made me realize that with any journey, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. However, you’ve made me realize that I can handle the pressure and I’m more focused on the good parts to come. Thank you!”
Samantha H., Edwardsville, IL 


“Thank you Traci for approaching me about how you can help my business. I would have never considered hiring someone outside of my business to help. You came in and did exactly what you said you would do. You have a keen sense of recognizing things that need to be fixed and have no problem addressing them in an honest, constructive but yet positive manner. Everyone in my office really enjoyed working with you and was sad to see you go. I would highly recommend your coaching service to any business that wants to make changes but not yet sure where to begin. Traci will help guide you and get you there!”
John B,, Manager

testiomonial “Traci is a superb life coach due to her energetic and contagious zest for life. Her energy inspires those she associates with and will be an asset in any career field.”
Lisa Miresse, Blu Moon Interiors


testiomonial “Traci Quick-Hutt is an asset as a Life Coach for several reasons. A few of her strongest traits combined give her an edge many won’t possess. Those are that she truly and genuinely cares about people and wants only the best for those around her. However, at the same time she will not allow someone to be passive and take no action. No action is not an option in her opinion. For people such as myself, who tend to slack on their personal goals she will be just what they need. Hardnosed and focus driven but still not so much that is seems she doesn’t care. I am waiting to be one of her first challenges!”
Elizabeth Lakamp, Entertainment by Elizabeth



“I asked Traci Quick-Hutt to come into my office to help train, organize and motivate my staff. She did a spectacular job! She is 100% dedicated to improving businesses and emits a positive attitude throughout the business. Also, I like her “no nonsense” approach. She tells it how it is and I feel that is extremely important when dealing with staff. Overall, she is professional and she truly helped my business.”
KJ, Physicians Office - Business Owner, Maryville, IL 


“Working with Traci is a TREAT! She gives you an outside look, looking in! She also gives you the push you need. Our office has benefited tremendously from her knowledge and experience. We have loved working with her.”
EB, Physicians Office – Office Manager, Maryville, IL


“Traci is a great coach because she has an easy, outgoing personality and likes to help people. She’s proven to have excellent motivational and mentoring skills from her business building and sales management experience. She is the most self-motivating person I know!”
Dawn Hamilton, Owner – Cosmo Car Care 


“I believe when we are in the situations, we get stuck in the gray zone and are too close to see it for what it is. As a personal coach, Traci gave me a good ‘that’s bullsh*t’ sense. Taught me the real ability to say something is right or wrong and know the difference. Her clear perspective on ‘that’s BS’ helped me get out of the rut of the gray zone and re-look at the situation. The clear ability to “that’s BS” is important and a heck of a lot better than ‘let’s talk about your feelings.’ I appreciate and needed Traci’s coaching. She’s opened my eyes to a brand new perspective on my life.”
Carla B., Commercial Real Estate Agent, Edwardsville, IL 


“Traci really knows what she is talking about when it comes to employment. She gave me the necessary skills to nail my interview and land my dream job. I did a mock interview session with her and it was almost like I was a candidate for a position she was fulfilling. She showed me how to sit, shake hands, show confidence, and even gave me ideas on using tools to keep my hands busy. Traci is no joke, she will whip you into shape and help you get the job you are striving for. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is easily a 20. Thank you Traci!”
Richard R 

“A mutual friend told me that Traci was a Life Coach. She suggested that I call Traci regarding my current situation. I had met Traci a few times through casual social situations. I did not know her well but was impressed with her gusto for life and her accomplishments in business. She seemed to have everything in a perfect balance. Out of self loathing and desperation I decided to give her a call. I explained my situation and scheduled an appointment. That was the best phone call I ever made. Over the course of 6 weeks, Traci led me down a path of self discovery. Traci’s guidance helped me face my fears. She enabled in me stress management, time management, and goal setting techniques that helped me put into practice a more balanced life that reflects my personal values, beliefs and priorities. Traci‘s mentoring and training focus is on the present and future. Traci sought to elicit solutions and strategies from within me; helping me to recognize that I am naturally creative and resourceful. She provided support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that I already had, just not using. Traci makes no assumptions – she is not judgmental, nor is she prescriptive or instructional. She gives guidance. This is not a " follow or else " method. Traci’s method of coaching enables you rather than trains you. Helps you understand yourself”.

Thank you Traci!

“…I lost my job for the 3rd time in 3 years – I was 50 years old. I did not lose my job because I was a bad employee, or performed my responsibilities below the expected standard or constantly missed important deadlines or milestones. On the contraire, I am told, that I was the perfect employee. I was there every day and gave 110%. I left each position with high marks, glowing letters of reference and referrals. The economy was the cause of each job lost. Companies downsized. I was unemployed again. Prior to this 3rd “Lay off” I was able to regroup and secure other employment. But this time was different…

The economy was bad, unemployment at an all time high since the depression. My head began to spin with thousands of questions. How was I going to make ends meet? Would I lose my house? Would I ever retire? Why me? Why again? At the age of 50 I became frozen in fear. I could no longer find the determination in myself to secure employment. I was afraid my age would disqualify me for potential opportunities. “Laid off”, “Let go” and my age became intangibles (fears) that swallowed me. These intangibles I could not fix and I knew that, but what do I fix? What do I change? I did not know how or what to change. I had lost all focus and fell into the deep dark pit of “poor me.” I couldn’t climb out-frozen in fear…

Through open dialogue, simple exercises and determination, emerging patterns and solution began to surface. This discovery of enablement and reflection allowed me to decide and discover the required progression on your own. By the end of 6 weeks, I started my own business, landed a 10 month contract position with a Fortune 500 company. I will not be “Laid-off” or “Let-go” ever again. The ultimate reward of accomplishing your specific goals is getting in touch with this deeper sense of who you are.”

Deanna L., IT Specialist, Maryville, IL 

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