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Confidence Building


Confidence is no more than a belief and a feeling of certainty. That certainty allows for you to draw from within and acquire more easily the things that you desire. Your belief system holds so much power that it can aid in your success or assist with your failures. The best part about our own belief system is that we are in control of what we believe about ourselves and we have the power at any given moment to change it. Your destiny is what you decide it to be. It takes courage to stand up with confidence and claim the life that is so deservingly yours. Success comes much more easily to those who have decided that nothing will stand in their way of achieving greatness. Your decision to commit to yourself and take action is the only way to determine your own destiny.

Your decision to commit to yourself and take action is the only way to determine your own destiny.


There is process to developing a true deep worthiness and sense of confidence. When you learn to ask yourself empowering questions your mind will begin to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. When this happens the feelings of self esteem naturally begin to become more abundant. Everyone would love to have a positive self image but not everyone has learned the techniques that help us keep our mindset in top notch condition. The goal is to gain conscious control of our thoughts both disempowering and empowering. Learning and discovering how to use affirmations will immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. When you learn to use one sentence intentions your behaviors will become more deliberate and more focused. Effectively and consistently using success words will aid in the transformation of empowering yourself.

Whatever it is that you desire to be or become requires a positive mindset. Without confidence you will allow fear to stand in the way of your successes. You need to focus on what you want to be and not on what you fear. Discovering new ways to fuel your fire will dramatically increase your energy. The mind is your most powerful tool so let your thoughts go. Your direction of thought will change frequently, this is natural. Have confidence in your decisions and act on them immediately. When you decide that you alone will determine what thoughts come in and what thoughts go out then you can begin to redefine your mindset. Anyone can be gifted with courage and determination but success at anything requires a positive state of mind.

You can regain the value and meaning of your life and transform yourself into the successful confident person you desire to be. To do this you must begin by finding your true authentic self and learn to trust and embrace those who believe in you even when you don’t. With the encouragement and support of a coach you will begin to recognize your full capacity of potential and greatness. Discover within yourself the confidence required to succeed at whatever it is that you want.


Discover within yourself the confidence required to succeed at whatever it is that you want.

Just as we commit to being the best parents to children, the best spouse, friend or teacher, we must first make that same commitment to ourselves. You must make time to take daily actions that will lead you to your predetermined path of success that you desire. As your confidence grows you will find that addressing your needs first no longer seem like a selfish act. Your first priority should be your own livelihood, health and well being. You will recognize and understand that taking care of you only makes it that much easier to accommodate the needs of those around you.

We are absolutely supposed to think highly of ourselves. Yes, I want “my cup to runneth over”. I want to sing, dance and laugh on a daily basis. I want to be able to recognize that I have the power within myself to pull myself up when I am down. I want to influence others with my confidence, courage, faith and desire to succeed. As children, some of us were lucky enough to be a part of a family full of encouraging and motivating words on a daily basis which helped our self-esteem grow daily. As adults we sometimes need to find other contributors of positive influences from sources such as coaches, teachers, church, family and friends. We sometimes need to hear the words “you can do it” from a place of truth and trust.

Some of the most successful and happy people in the world achieved greatness because someone believed in them more than they believed in themselves. Surround yourself with whatever or whoever it is that inspires and motivates you. Focus on the type of person you want to be and refuse to allow yourself to settle for anything less. Recognize that you have the strength within you to achieve extrordinary results that will lead to pure happiness. And most importantly, celebrate your accomplishments big or small. Life is a journey. And it’s your journey to be enjoyed and celebrated daily.
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